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Top 5 Omnichannel Solutions for Ecommerce Businesses

Achieving success in omnichannel retail is a real challenge. Retailers need to get all sales channels, departments, fulfillment operations, and suppliers on the same page.

And this is just the beginning. After setting everything up, comes IT integration where all legacy systems are connected to one management tool that controls CRM, inventory transparency, and order management across all sales channel.

Omnichannel today is a need that needs to be fulfilled. But how? How can you deal with the challenges omni channel selling brings?

By using omnichannel solutions!

Omnichannel Ecommerce Platform Solution: Everything You Need to Know

An omnichannel solution is a fully-integrated approach to marketing and sales that give customers a unified experience across offline and online channels.

Omnichannel solutions include brick-and-mortar stores, online stores, ecommerce marketplaces, social marketing and sales, mobile websites and applications, email marketing, and anything in between.

The goal is to bring together a multi-channel listing, inventory management, and POS integration and offer purchasers a convenient shopping experience from one platform to another.

5 Best Omnichannel Solutions to Consider for Your Business

The following 5 omnichannel platforms have integrated omnichannel retail features ready to be plugged into retail websites and online stores

Today, they are go-to solutions for large retailers in need of upgrading their selling and marketing strategy.

1. NetSuite

Known as an excellent SaaS ERP product and ecommerce solution, NetSuite can also provide inventory management across different sales channels, business intelligence data, a single customer view, and omnichannel order management.

NetSuite is one of the fastest growing companies on the market. When started as NetLedger, the company envisioned an online accounting tool that turned to a plethora of business management tools. They have decided that omnichannel is an ideal combination when it connects businesses focused on the retail chain.

The platform can offer you a single view of customer, extensive retail operations management feature, an excellent record of acquisitions, cross channel inventory view, and an extensive list of customers.

One of the disadvantages is that NetSuite is a little bit broadly focused. The solutions they provide work with finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and etc. There is no room for retail innovation which is the reason why some businesses decide to go with other solutions. Also, implementations aren’t always seamless. You may need to spend more time learning the platform and all the options it provides. The pricing and licensing structures are complex.

2. Hybris

If you are looking for the best solution for omnichannel retailing, look no further as Hybris is everything you need.

This company is focused on expansion and growth and delivers on market needs and trends. The omnichannel solution is built on a scalable and modern platform that allows interaction with all interfaces.

Inventory, order management solution, and commerce application are designed to work together and connect with other systems. Moreover, the company features a content management system (centrally located) that helps retailers to push content across different interfaces.

It is a scalable and fully-integrated solution. Works for both B2B and B2C businesses and supports multiple interfaces. It is flexible and adaptable enough to work with open-source technologies.

3. eBay Enterprise

Formerly known as GSI Commerce, eBay Enterprise is one of the fastest growing companies providing consultancy and technology for omnichannel businesses.

eBay Enterprise delivers four solutions to its customers – retail order management, commerce technologies, marketing solutions, and operations. The company goes beyond system integration and into operations and marketing. Ongoing support for commerce integration across different channels is provided. They integrate the sales touch points by using omnichannel tools such as smartphone and tablets, interactive kiosks, web, customer service, and store associates.

This solution vendor provides great tools and features for offline retail, online retail, fulfillment and cross-channel operations. It offers powerful fulfillment and customer care solutions and top-notch order management solutions.

With flexible pricing structure, eBay Enterprise is an excellent solution for your ecommerce retail business.

4. Shopify Plus

With Shopify Plus you can sell everywhere your customers already are.

Shopify Plus is an ecommerce solution, specially designed for enterprises, larger stores, and high-volume sellers. Shopify Plus removes the challenge of omnichannel selling by optimizing campaigns on frontend and inventory, orders, and fulfillment on the back. With more than 20 channels, Shopify Plus makes omnichannel simple for you, your business, and your customers.

Omnichannel businesses prefer five areas, each of which integrates with Shopify Plus – marketplaces, social media, online store, messaging, and in real life.

Marketplaces and beyond, that is Shopify’s moto. You can list your products on the largest marketplaces in the world, social platforms, and more. Instant purchases through Instagram, Facebook. Pinterest, messaging apps, and more are enabled. From a single hub, you can sync orders, prices, inventory, and fulfillment.

5. Shopatron

Founded in September 2000, Shopatron has grown into a fully integrated SaaS ecommerce solution that connects online and offline orders management, making it simpler for customers to buy from retailers.

Shopatron offers specially designed omnichannel solutions – inventory lookup, in-store pick-up, vendor dropship, and ship from store. This company is ideal for midsize businesses and retailers and its main advantage is the order routing feature. The platform combines offline and online sales and guarantees inventory visibility across all channels.

The updates are regular without extra setup costs. It is also a good option for larger businesses and works with both retailers and manufacturers. Can connect different sales channels and direct orders to the fulfillment point.


Omnichannel solutions are modern platforms that use POS integration, multi-channel listings, inventory management, and marketing software to transmit customer information to each and every step of their buying process.

There you go – the five best options on the market. There are more solution providers out there that deliver great features, however, these five are on the top. Other companies are less focused on omnichannel or have just found love for omnichannel selling and marketing.

Shopatron, Shopify Plus, eBay Enterprise, Hybris, and NetSuite are leading the pack when it comes to omnichannel retail implementation, especially for enterprises and larger businesses.

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